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The most beautiful logge in Florence

Driving around piazza della Libertà the other evening and looking at the 19th-century pinky-orange buildings that ring it, I realized

What’s up with Rosso Fiorentino?

While it would be easy to wax poetic on the beauty of Pontormo’s Visitation and the attractive red walls that

The Limonaia in the Boboli Gardens

When life gives you lemons, build a big limonaia. The historic collection of citruses in the Limonaia in the Boboli

Michelangelo as sexy as it gets

On the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the death of Michelangelo, the city of Florence, the State Museums and

3 new restaurants in Florence with a cultural bent

New restaurants seem to be opening up in Florence every week. Eschewing the traditional Florentine decor, food and opening hours,