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Uffizi Art History Guide for IOS

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OFFLINE UPDATE I have voluntarily removed my app from the app store because this old version (Nov 2013) has been made out of date by IOS7. It requires full reprogramming to become compatible, something I plan to do within the next 6 months, when I will also enhance the experience with new content, audio, and higher resolution photos. Until then, this content is available as a Kindle e-book.

Uffizi Art History Guide App for iPhone and iPad – for information about why I wrote this app please see this post.

App store description

This guide to the Uffizi Gallery in Florence helps you identify the masterpieces and understand the meaning and importance of the paintings.

For each important work in the Uffizi, you’ll get:
•Photo of the painting
•relevant factual information
•basic interpretation of the works
•art historical context, or how the painting relates to those before and after it
•observation tips for a guided looking and learning experience.

This guide is 100% offline, no internet connection required.
(Please note: There are a few links within the text to further information available online, for which an internet connection would be necessary.)

The Uffizi is one of the most important museums in the world. It is also big and tiring! Many visitors find it hard to enjoy because the museum does not provide helpful wall text that explains what you’re looking at. If you have never studied the Renaissance or Art History, it is easy to miss the important works, or to come out not having understood why they are important. This app solves this problem.

Version 1.1 released November 2013

Buy Uffizi app on iTunes