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The expat and the holidays: should I stay or should I go

It’s that time of year again. When trees get trimmed and everyone asks “Are you going home for the holidays?”.

10 reasons Milan is not just grey and boring

Personally I don’t know Milan well: this is a guest post by an ArtTrav reader, Patricia, who had commented on

Getting a bra that fits… in Italy

There are some countries in which the bra fitting is a rite of passage and a moment to be repeated

We’re on House Hunters International

Living in Florence has its appeal, but Tommaso and I have always had a thing for Maremma, an area of

Minestrone: my winter comfort food (Italy blogging roundtable)

I can’t remember what my comfort food was before I moved to Italy, but I think the main characteristics of

Dear Mom, you must worry about your daughter in Italy

Dear Mom,
You must worry about me living in Italy at times like these. It’s hard to have a daughter in the place that is the object of international ridicule, for it’s hard to justify being here at all. It looks really bad from the outside. I must say that right now, it looks pretty bad from the inside too. The only thing that holds it together is the whole insieme of what put this country together in the first place…

It must be a sign: Driving in Italy

See this sign? It’s the stop sign before a rotonda (roundabout) on my street. It’s a universal sign that means