Art, Travel and Life in Italy

Hi, I'm Alexandra Korey and with this blog, which has been online since 2004, my goal is to make art accessible. I'm originally from Toronto, Canada, but live in Florence, Italy where I put my PhD in art history to use as a communications consultant, blogger and photographer.


Let's explore Italy

On this blog you can find almost 20 years of articles about art, travel and life in Italy! Start here to explore by areas: Florence, Tuscany, Rome, and the Rest of Italy.

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Timely and analytical exhibition reviews

My background as a professor of art history combined with my physical position in Italy puts me in a uniquely privileged position to review the latest art exhibits in Florence, Rome and beyond.

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Living in Italy

I’ve been living in Italy for more than 20 years. A Canadian expat well integrated into Florentine social and work culture, I share frank, experience-based articles on expat life in Italy.

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Destination Prato: A breath of fresh art

Destination Prato: A breath of fresh art

In collaboration with @cittadiprato

As a tourist destination, Prato is somewhat underrated, yet it’s got a lot to offer for lovers of both Renaissance and Contemporary art.

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Contributions & Collaborations

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