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Saints in art (part 1) link to Slowtrav article

Colleen, a moderator on the travel resource Slowtrav has written an excellent and amusing article about saints in art. As she writes: “When you’re wandering through churches or museums, do you ever wonder why that sad-eyed man in the painting has a sword sticking out of his side?” Indeed, all students of renaissance art history should know their catholic saints and bible stories well enough to identify what is going on in the paintings they see, and this tip applies to travelers too. I used to have a quick saint guide on the old version of arttrav, but it is not nearly as entertaining as colleen’s well researched prose. So, to hold you over until I can write a new article on the topic, do check out hers. Thanks Colleen!

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By: arttrav

Alexandra Korey aka ArtTrav is a Florence-based art historian and arts marketing consultant.