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UPrato collaborative knitting and yarnbombing project

If you know how to knit (even badly) and live in the Prato or Florence area, listen up! UPrato is a collaborative knitting project taking place this summer with the involvement of many important Pratese institutions and you can participate!

The free UPrato kit

The initiative consists of a series of knitting related events. From May 26 to June 13 you can pick up a free UPrato kit in one of 7 locations in Prato and you’re supposed to knit a 20x20cm square with the provided yarn. On June 9, which is World Knit in Public Day, you can join other knitters in a garden in Prato in the late afternoon and make squares in good company (and with free refreshments). Then, everyone who made a square is invited to meet up on June 17 at 5pm for a visit to the Palazzo Pretorio building which has been under restoration for longer than I’ve been in Italy. And immediately after, around 6:30pm, we’ll be yarnbombing Prato’s medieval city hall with the assembled artistic installation, made from everybody’s contributions. It’s like a big knit puzzle.

I am part of the group of people behind the organization and promotion of this event, which was ideated by Flod and BettaKnit, with the help of the Museo del Tessuto (Textile Museum of Prato) and with the approval and support of both the city and province of Prato. All the yarn was donated by local companies.

The goal is to make something beautiful that symbolizes positivity and multiculturality – in Prato but in Italy in general, too. The resulting installation will remain on the city hall for one day, but due to the fact that it’s rather difficult to get permission for a longer display, it will be moved to the courtyard of the Museo del Tessuto (ex Campolmi) where it will remain until July 31 during all of the Prato Estate activities that will take place there.

I have already started my kit and worked on it in the car the other day!

If you’re in Florence and have a knitting group or think you can make 5 or more kits yourself, please comment here and I can arrange for kits to be brought to Florence and the finished product to be dropped off at my office before June 10.

For more information on how to participate please see

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