A survey of 2,068 British adults who were asked “What country in Europe has the best food” has found that Brits like Italian food (30%).  But the funny thing is, Brits also like British food (22%)! This data has been – rightly so – made into an infographic.

The YouGov survey commissioned by Holiday Hypermarket (a comparison booking website) was conducted online last month and represents a slice of British residents. Perhaps the most interesting results are those broken down by age. Respondents over 55 are more likely to think British food is the best (26 per cent of those 55+), while younger respondents prefer easy Italian food (41 per cent of those 18-34). Women more so than men prefer Italian food – similar to their preference for Italy, I’d say (most of the readers of this blog are women! We all seem to fall for this country).

After Italy and the UK, the third most popular cuisine in Europe is… “Don’t Know” at 17%… (followed by France, where we all know the food is no good at all, Spain, yaknow, they eat too late, Greece, “Other”, Germany, Turkey, Portugal, Ireland (!) and Austria). Don’t know? Maybe the respondents need to get out and travel more!

As Holiday Hypermarket’s marketing manager, Calum MacDonald (that’s not McDonald’s, fortunately) rightly comments: “Food is an integral part of any trip abroad, and sharing meals with your fellow travellers is often where memories are made.”

What are your best food/travel memories? Comment here… and join the conversation on twitter using the hashtag #TravelFoodie !

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