Many of you will know that, since May 2011, five of us have been writing a monthly post on a given topic and we call it the Italy Blogging Roundtable. Each month we decide the topic in advance and the only rule is that it has to be connected to Italy; the posts are published on the same day, and cross-linked so that readers can enjoy our diverse experiences. It’s been a wonderful challenge since we always push ourselves to do our best writing on these occasions… although I often find I like someone else’s post better! You can see posts by the participating writers here: Gloria from At Home in Tuscany, Jessica from WhyGo Italy, Melanie from Italofile, Rebecca from Brigolante and my own on this blog.

Normally we don’t tell anyone the topic in advance, but our post for December 14 is an exception. Why? Because we want you to participate. The topic is “Gifts” (or presents). It’s inspired by the holiday season, but does not have to be limited to “Christmas gifts.” For this month, we’re inviting bloggers to expand upon the topic of “gifts,” somehow connected to Italy, on their blogs.

Here is how to participate:

1)      From Decemeber 1 to 13 2011, post on your blog about “Gifts” (and Italy).

2)      Include in your post a reference to the fact that this is part of the Italy Blogging Roundtable’s invitation to post on this topic.

3)      Include, at the end of your post, links to the roundtable blogs: ArtTrav, At Home in Tuscany, Italylogue, Italofile, Brigolante.

4)      Let us know by tweeting it with the hashtag #italyroundtable. If by chance you don’t use twitter, email it to one of us (my email address is info @ We’ll each read them all, and retweet some too!

5)      On December 142011 we’ll post on the same topic and include links to our favourite posts by the larger community. We’re aiming to link to five posts submitted by others, but that depends on how many people participate!

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