I go every year, and I’ve posted about it before – the Istituto Cellini-Tornabuoni in Florence’s end of the year fashion show is a real entertainment opportunity and the students really blow me away with their talent.

Fourth and fifth year high school students (the final two grades) are involved in a year-long project to prepare accurate historical outfits as well as contemporary inspirations of their own designs on a single topic. In the past the show has touched on historial periods, while this time it’s on a theme: the circus.

The theme has made them really stretch their boundaries and invent new forms, so that stage props and the students’ choreography have become much more complex than in the past. Internal staff – all very qualified – as well as external experts work with the students to perfect every aspect of the show.

Fashion students design, cut, and sew their own costumes, and then model them looking just like professionals. Graphics students prepare the posters, gadgets and whatever else is necessary. It all comes together just for one night, to the beat of the music and with stage lights and all, in front of an audience of hundreds that has, in the past, included representatives of major Italian fashion magazines, professional photographers, and representatives of political parties.

Join the school for free in this celebration of their students’ work on May 30 at 9pm, at ObiHall (via F de Andre’).


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