What better context for a classical or contemporary concert than a museum? This fall in Florence I’ve come across a few tons of opportunities for music in museums – here they are!



Aperitivi in Musica at Villa Bardini

Students from the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole play classical music at Villa Bardini (Costa San Giorgio 2), which has a stunning garden and view over Florence as its backdrop – see photo above. After each concert there is also a light aperitivo included in the stellar price of 6 euro per person! Should you wish to see the current exhibit at the Villa Bardini, you can access a reduced museum ticket (6 euro) from one hour before the concert. The current exhibit is “Il rinascimento da Firenze a Parigi” which I review and highly recommend here. Here are the dates in Autumn 2013 / all concerts are at 5:30pm:

Tuesday September 10, 2013: Tangram Project plays Beethoven: String trio op. 9 no 3; “Settiminio” for wind and string instruments op. 20.

Thursday September 12, 2013: music by H. Purcell

September 24: chamber music duo with music by M. Giuliani, G. Fauré, A. Piazzolla

October 1: saxophone quartet

October 22: voice and piano, music by Verdi, Korsakov, Chopin, Davico

Tuesday October 29, 2013, 5:30pm: Sara Cazzanelli, Clarinet and Federica Bortoluzzi, Piano: Saint-Saens Sonata op. 167, Schumann’s Fantasiestucke, Debussy’s Premiere Rhapsody and Poulenc’s Sonata.

November 5: Conservatorio di musica Luigi Cherubini classical music

November 19: Conservatorio di musica Luigi Cherubini Jazz music

FLAMEnsemble concerts at the Bargello

Flame Ensemble represents contemporary classical music in Florence, and their annual line-up of music at the Bargello is an opportunity to hear innovation within the walls of a 13th-century building, and amongst Medieval and Renaissance sculptures. Some of the pieces performed are premieres of pieces resulting from the festival’s call for scores. For Flame, the museum is not just a backdrop but an integral part of the concept behind this year’s theme, which asks us to consider the challenge of being an artist today:

[It is] an inspiration to the thought (and way of thinking) of the Italian cultural world as a whole. The name of this festival reflects the need, clearly apparent in today’s musical and artistic world, to reconcile spaces (physical, but even more, mental) devoted to works from the present – that hard-to-define “contemporary”, the soon-to-be now or the immediate past. Cohabitation between the masterpieces of yesterday and those of today often appear impossible in cities that have been the cardinal points of our culture since antiquity, filled to the brim like vases with our highest artistic traditions. Here it may be feared that the weight of contemporary art could cause the vase to overflow, or even crack and break. But this fear should not impose a strictly uniform view of architecture and conservative collections, even when the “vase” lies within the exclusive circle of Italy’s greatest museums.

In 2013 there are concerts from September 13-22. For the full list, see their website. Concerts cost 10 euro and can be reserved in advance at www.boxol.it.

Bargello Jazz

Bargello again as a backdrop for Jazz, this time. There are three concerts in the programme, the first was September 8th so we’ve missed that one. Bookings can be made in advance through www.eventimusicpool.it.

Tuesday September 10, 10:15pm: Ralph Towner – Oregon-based acoustic jazz ensemble frontman. Entrance to this concert is included with the Aperitivi ad Arte evening at the Bargello, and costs only 10€!

Wednesday September 18, 9:30pm: Roberto Gatto Trio (15€)

At Palazzo Davanzati

This just in… a few free concerts at Palazzo Davanzati (with museum entry ticket)

Wed. September 18 , 6pm: Affetti musicali in onore della Castellana di Vergy / music by Salomone Rossi Ebreo  (Shlomoh Me-ha-Adumin,1570ca-1630ca); Joseph de Boismortier (1689-1755); Isabella Leonarda (la ‘Musa di Novara’, 1620-1704); Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683-1764)

Saturday September 21 , 8pm: Il jazz prima della grande depressione / Conference and concert with voice, piano. Music by
Motivi africani (Jamaca, 1688); Louis Moreau Gottschalk ; Ernest Hogan (1861909); Scott Joplin (1868-1917); Antonio Maggio; William Christopher Handy (1867-1917); Estelle (1896-1986) e
Jimmy Yancey (1898-1951); Clarence ‘Pinetop’ Smith (1904-1929); Meade Lux Lewis (1905-1964), Ferdinand J. (Jelly Roll) Morton (1885-1941); Lil Hardin (1998 – 1971)); Joe ‘King’ Oliver (1885-1938); James Price Johnson (1894-1955)

Sunday Setpember 29, ore 11.30 e ore 12.30 (two half hour concerts on 10 string guitar) / Antiche armonie “Chitarre a Palazzo Davanzati” / music by: Dowland, Milán, Weiss, Galilei.

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