This might be a short post, folks, because it’s just the last week of June and the city has already emptied out considerably. I really wonder how all these people can afford to go on a summer long holiday. Anyway. There are not a ton of worthy events in July 2011 in Florence, but I do have a few tips for interesting things going on in English, and some free concerts too.

As you well know, July 4th is independence day, and so the Tuscan American Association puts on their annual shindig, which this year will be on Saturday July 2 and Sunday July 3d. I place bets on sunday being the more busy of the two, with fireworks slated for 10:30pm after you stuff yourself at the BBQ. Held at Parco d’arte Pazzagli, full info here.

On July 4th itself, the much disputed Hard Rock Cafe Firenze opens in Piazza della Repubblica, and the American restaurant’s contribution to the city, other than overpriced burgers, is a free Simple Minds concert in the Piazza. Yeah, I’ll go to that. Hold the fries, though. 7-1opm, free, expect a big casino.

On July 5th, just to keep the week busy, Telecom’s Working Capital is coming to Palazzo Vecchio with their tour dei mille. At 17:30 a series of talks, including astrophysicist Margherita Hack live by video connection, followed by a free aperitivo. In Italian, good for the business minded, sounds interesting.

Cinema Odeon’s English programming is almost over for the summer, but first, the Harry Potter Marathon. Check their listings for complete show times – the marathon starts July 7th, and all films are in English with Italian subtitles.

Now, I expect you all to come out on Monday July 11, 2011, for the third annual English Night organized by ToscanaIn with the support of The Florentine, i.e…. organized by ME. Every year this event keeps getting bigger… and more fun. This year we’re holding it at Syracuse University in order to be sure that there is room for everyone, because last year’s location only fit 80 people and there was a waiting list! The topic is “A Tavola: Cultural experience through conviviality” and, you guessed it, we’re going to tell funny personal experiences about food. The talks, in English, are by some native Anglos but this year we have also opened up the “expat” night to members from China and Mexico! 10 euros gets you an evening out and an ample aperitivo (enough to call it dinner). Come out and meet some nice new people. Registration required at

Until June 9th, FESTA, an english speaking theatre troupe, is putting on “Dracula at the Bargello,” part of the museum’s summer events that also include Florence Dance Festival and concerts by the Orchestra da Camera Fiorentina. See the pdf estate al bargello.

Meanwhile, there are almost nightly free concerts by international youth orchestras playing in Piazza della Signoria under the Loggia dei’ Lanzi – a lovely gift for tourists and residents alike. All concerts are at 9pm, the dates in July are 1, 5, 7, 11, 12, 13, 15, 17, 20, 21, 24. Full details here.

The second half of the month is looking a little bit lame, unless you think the Campi Beer Festival is a good time (July 27-28). If you know anything I don’t, please comment here!

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