A man stopped me on the street today to ask me, in Italian, if we had a piece of clothing called “flo”. After getting over my misunderstanding that this was a theoretical question proposed to a stranger, and my shock that someone actually thought I was Italian, I realized that this fashionable man was looking for the hip concept boutique Flow. And that probably many Pitti attendees this week would be happy to follow in his footsteps, if only they could find the place. Although I am not hipster or rich enough to shop at these places (but I do admire them), here are three concept stores in Florence that you might want to visit.


Flow Store- photo mens reverie

Tucked in behind the more famous via Tornabuoni, this place looks like the living room of a rich boys’ chalet, with a few racks of super hipster clothing and accessories. One of the few multi-brand boutiques in Florence, the look is 100% hipster – you need to know how to combine their pieces yourself, or be dressed by their staff… which isn’t much of a problem for most Pitti people, anyway. Their dedicated shoe store opened just a few months ago and is perhaps even more exciting than the clothing store.

Brands carried: JFK 68, Gold Bunny, Department 5, Anachronorm, Checkin’ Out, Filson, Jejia, Red Seal, San Francisco, Red Seal, Noodle Park, 2 Men, Htc, Ben’Barek, Soho, Alternative, Golden Age, Ten C, J.Motors, Moma, Pane Tulipani, Destin Surl, Sus, Milano 35, Collection, Privee, Used, L’autre chose, Orciani, Shoto, Buttero, Diadora, Generic Surplus, Walk Over, Prima Base, Numero 10, Riccardo Forconi, Quoddy, Corsia.

Website: www.flow-store.it (in flash – hey Flow, you could hire us at Flod to make you a new website, it’s just one letter away)
Via de’ Vecchietti 20r
Shoe store on via Sassetti (just go straight towards piazza Strozzi from the main store)

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Société Anonyme

Societe Anonyme bag

A beautiful, bright space in which to hang out, a concept store in the fullest meaning of the idea, with an annexed co-working space that encourages sociability. Beyond clothes by international brands that you certainly will not find anywhere else in Florence, the store carries Frietag bags, lomo cameras, and other lifestyle items.

Designers include: Bag “N” Noun, Comme Des Garçons Play, Giulia Materia, Japan Proxy, Jimi Roos, Mm6 By Maison Martin Margiela, Sawa, See By Chloé, and Société Anonyme’s house brand.

Via della Mattonaia, www.societeanonyme.it

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Bottega Quattro

Bottega Quattro

This attractive, large (200 square meters) space opened in September 2011 and is decorated with recycled, reused antiques. Owner Daniele Fiesoli is the Italian distributor for the label Scotch & Soda, found here along with Fiesoli’s own line and brands Wool & Co. and Milkywear.

Via Rondinelli 9 (no website)

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For more hipster boutique suggestions, if you can read Italian, see this article on te la do io Firenze.

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