Florence’s Museo Gucci launches a childrens’ activity program (in Italian) called CreaKids. Art and creativity, exploration of the city and of legends are at the base of three thematic workshops offered by the fashion brand’s museum in Florence.

The laboratories are called La città laboratorio (the city as lab),  Florario (Floral) and Masquerade (dress-up). The first takes kids out into the city surrounding the museum to look at the sheilds and symbols of the medieval town’s families and corporations. A kind of historical brand awareness that ends with children making up their own heraldic symbol.

Florario, inspired by the historic floral collection by Gucci, displayed in the museum, takes children on a fascinating storytelling trip through the legends and symbols of plants and flowers. Using art from the Renaissance to the modern day, they’ll look for the secrets of plants and their messages.

Floral world exhibit at Museo Gucci, Photo Richard Bryant / Gucci

Finally, Masquerade takes advantage of the current contemporary art show of Cindy Sherman’s Early Works, allowing kids to conjure their own self portrait.

The age group of the children is not specified, though my guess is aged 6 to 12.

The dates scheduled from now until May 2013 are:

  • LA CITTA’ LABORATORIO – sabato 23 febbraio
  • FLORARIO – sabato 23 marzo
  • MASQUERADE – sabato 20 aprile
  • LA CITTA’ LABORATORIO – sabato 25 maggio
Each activity lasts 2 hours and costs 3 euros per child. There is a maximum of 15 participants in each group. For reservations, contact Gucci Museo, Piazza della Signoria 10, T 055 7592 3300, gucci.museocreakids@it.gucci.com
Photos: courtesy of Gucci, by Federico Leone.

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