The constant question “what’s the best gelateria in Florence” has a new entry- Le Parigine on via dei’ Servi.

On a touristy street a stone’s throw from the Duomo is this recently opened retro-styled artisanal ice cream shop. There are all the hints of a good gelato here: seasonal flavours listed on a seasonal menu, and no big piles of ice-cream but rather the product hidden in vats below the counter. I love the way they represent the flavours by providing exalted versions of them in their intact form on little glass plates – a language-free guarantee of authenticity.

exalted fruits
Le Parigine


The name “Le Parigine” comes from the old-fashioned ice-cream sandwiches that they serve for 1-2-3 euros. Two wafers, with ice cream pressed between on the spot. Tommaso had a dark chocolate and cream Parigina; the former was truly dark and real. I had a 1,50 euro cup of peach-mango gelato which was quite good. I look forward to returning to try other flavours. There is cute bench seating both indoor and out.

It’s nice to see a new gelateria in town that sticks to tradition as well as adds something new. Le Parigine adds a positive element to this central street, with an authenticity and reasonable price range that appeals to residents and tourists alike.

Le Parigine gelateria artigianale
via dei servi, 41/r
50100 firenze (FI), Italy
055 239 8470‎
Open Daily 11am-11pm

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