Students of the Istituto Cellini Tornabuoni fashion high school – whose beautiful historic costumes pleased many last year in the same location – are back at the Galleria dei Medici (via Cavour 5) this year from December 15-17 2010.

The costumes on the theme of the silk road were presented a few months ago at a fashion show (complete with Bollywood dancing) at Palazzo Vecchio. They accurately reproduce costumes from Marco Polo’s last voyage to the Orient; through research, students recreated the clothes worn by Marco Polo himself, the pope at the time, the Doge of Venice, and various nobles in Venice, as well as costumes from the Oriental countries to which the explorer traveled – Turkey, Japan, China etc. All pieces are designed and executed by students of the final two years of high school under the guidance of their teachers Liana Spatafora and Sonia Salvini.

They are on exhibit in the space off via Cavour for just a few days. Check out the beautiful photos and stop by if you have the chance.

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