The city of Florence has been making a bit more of an effort to offer clean public toilets around the city, which is, of course, good news for tourists.

So the other day I was in the Santo Spirito area and the need arose to test the facilities, which I happily did just for you, dear reader. Read on to find out the results of this test…

And the results? Clean! Almost homey with a pink toilet seat and marble walls and floor. Furnished with soap and paper; not at all stinky.

The negative part? (1) cost: 60 cents. Not cheap, but less than buying a drink at a bar just to use their dirty can. (2) closes at 7pm, later in summer. It is precisely at night that these services must be made available in order to encourage cleanliness and order in the city.

The city offers a map to find these public toilets (download pdf), which now include prestigious locations such Piazza Santa Maria Novella and Borgo Santa Croce. The fancy cans in Piazza Duomo will run you one euro so you’re better off getting a coffee at a bar wrapped into the price.

Here is photographic proof of the cleanliness of said bathroom.

And here is your souvenir bathroom ticket receipt, perfect for pasting into any travel diary.

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