If you participated in International Slow Art Day in Florence that I hosted last year, you already know that you’ll want to sign up for this year’s edition. And now that I’m going to tell you the details of the 2011 event, you’re going to be blocking of Saturday April 16th on your calendar and seriously counting down the days for this event.

Slow Art 2010 at Santa Croce was great, we had an interesting bilingual discussion at Brac and concluded that we ought to do this more often. Now for 2011 I wanted to do something a bit bigger, a bit more professional, a bit more organized. So I got a museum and the local English newspaper involved… Read on to find out what we have in store.

Slow Art 2011 is Saturday April 16th and the Florence event is going to be held at Palazzo Strozzi during the blockbuster exhibit “Angry Young Men: Picasso, Mirò, Dalì“. It is co-organized by Palazzo Strozzi and The Florentine.

How it works: You can visit the exhibit at any time during that day and look at the six works we’ve chosen for you (you’ll need 90 minutes to do so, and should not attempt to see the rest of the show at that time). Then you’ll join us at 5pm for English High Tea on the Loggiata (third floor open space – bring your jacket!) and we’ll divide up into groups speaking English, Italian, or Spanish – and talk about the experience. You don’t need to know anything about art to participate. You also don’t need to bring anything – you’ll get a “looking kit” when you arrive!

A bit about us: Devorah Block of Palazzo Strozzi’s education department is applying her expertise to the choice of works and is training a crew of us to moderate the discussion that will take place over the delicious English High Tea that the museum is sponsoring. We’ve developed a whole “slow art looking package” that you’ll receive after checking in at the ticket office, and other than the looking guide we’re working on for you, there’s also a special gift from the museum! The city’s English news-magazine The Florentine (where I work) is providing assistance with promotion and graphics (and allowing me time to organize the event).

What does it cost? This is a real steal: you pay only the 8 euro discounted entry ticket to the museum and the excellent High Tea and discussion is included – plus Palazzo Strozzi has put a really beautiful little gift into your looking kits!

Sign up now

We need you to sign up in advance so that we can prepare your tea and a group that speaks your language. Buy signing up on EventBrite you commit to attending and will pay for your ticket directly at the museum. We ask that you kindly cancel your online registration should you realize, even at the last minute, that you cannot attend.

I’ve integrated this handy signup form here; to read the full details and then sign up, go to the eventbrite website.

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