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I wanted to see if I could tell the story of my adult life in seven steps with Google’s “search story” feature… and maybe sneak in a few impressive search results of my blog articles, too. Yup. I can.

The girl meets Italian boy and marries him story is so boring I joke about it – non-expats swoon, while jaded expat divorcées gag. Nonetheless, it’s the first storyline that came to mind when I tested the “cosacerchioggi” tool, and I like the result (search result!).

It’s a true story. We did spend a romantic weekend in Maremma (more than one, actually – from our first date to buying a home there this year) – conveniently these search terms pull up my weekend in Maremma itinerary on Tuscany Arts followed by my review of Mary Jane Cryan’s book on Etruria here on arttrav! And I did search art deco style engagement rings while trying to convince my Italian husband-to-be that this was not a demodé tradition in my part of the world. (NB: any Italian man will try to get away with telling you it’s not done here. Ask his mother. I bet she has one.) I did look up and hire a long distance mover, only to find that customs charges would be so high that it was better to sell everything and move to italy with 8 boxes of books and 2 suitcases of clothes. And as for “cerco lavoro in Toscana”, well, I’ve found a job. A few jobs. But if you want to offer me more, ben venga(no).

So? what’s your story?

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By: arttrav

Alexandra Korey aka ArtTrav is a Florence-based art historian and arts marketing consultant.