Can Italy be Ugly? Yes, according to Oliviero Toscani, and we need to stop turning a blind eye to this ugliness.

Thus is born the project “Nuovo Paesaggio Italiano” – new italian landscapes – developed by Toscani (photographer and founder of Fabrica) in collaboration with Salvatore Settis (art critic and professor). They want you to turn your camera towards the ugliest things you can find in this country, and email them the results, or post them on their facebook page.

From July 11 to October30 2010 in a town just outside Suvereto (LI) there’s an exhibit of the first ugly photos – abandoned villas, eco-monsters of various sorts.

From the gallery on facebook things don’t look that bad – honestly I’ve seen a lot of uglier examples of unfinished architecture or just plain “urban degradation”. A lot of this exists in the south of Italy where urban planning and architecture are foreign words and laws are entirely ignored. So much of this country’s natural beauty has been lost to the stupidity of man.

Taranto, still from the eco-disaster film “Arrividerci Taranto” Photo:

What is the ugliest thing you’ve ever seen in Italy? Let me know – and contribute it to the project!

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