This weekend Prato is host to an economics conference (Economia3) and numerous related events. Before you say “economics??” let me tell you that there will be a lot of really interesting “artistic” things to do around town that weekend, all of which are listed (in italian only) on the website for the event. And of course, if you’re interested in going to hear an economics conference in Italian, you can check the schedule for that too.


Prato, as you well know, has always been an economic strongforce in the textile industry and right now they’re looking towards the future, with a good sum of euros to invest in the city. Due to its historic importance, Prato has a beautiful historic center with some important churches, a wonderful Duomo that holds an important relic (see my video of the ostension of the sacra cintola); its more recent wealth allows it to have a textile museum and a contemporary art museum too. The piazzas and museums are the backdrop for this festival and its numerous collateral events.

At the textile museum: Lo stile dello Zar – The Style of the Tsar. Italian and Russian art and fashions between the 14th and the 18th century” exhibition brings together more than 130 paintings, costumes and fabrics from the leading museums in Russia and Italy. On Sundays there are free childrens’ workshops in relation to this show. Tickets are 9 euros, various discounts available, open till Jan 10 2010.

At the contemporary museum, Centro Pecci, is a one-woman show by russian-israeli artist Lena Liv, entitled Hekhalot. Open until Jan 10 2010, for information see here.



At the same time there are other exhibits at the textile museum, including an interesting examination of iconographical and stylistic collaboration between embroiderers and painters in the 16th century. There’s some food and shopping events going on: Around town you will be asked to vote on window displays who are competing to win the “tsar’s cup” prize, and you can win prizes too. At the museum’s cafe’ there’s russian and italian food; there are related itineraries in the city’s restaurants and apparently you get a free apron if you participate… Sept 24 and October 4th are also market days in Prato.


One-time events this weekend:

Thursday night: 22:30 “Anima della terra vista dalle stelle” is a theatre production featuring the scientist Margherita Hack, with original music and words (in italian)

mostra-fotografica-pratoFriday night: at 6pm the opening of a photography show dedicated to people who work, by Paolo Cagnacci (the exhibit will be on view through sunday). The photo on your left is your invitation.

Saturday night:
-9pm presentation of the 1000 euro prize for Videominuto – the one minute film festival
-from 9-midnight – there will be a laser show projected on the Castello dell’Imperatore… cool!
-and in piazza del duomo and elsewhere in downtown prato there will be street bands, itinerant artists, food, etc.

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