October 31st 2009 is not Halloween in Siena, but it is Urban Trekking day. How’s that for weird. There will be hiking around the streets of Siena on the theme of “The joy of trekking: tricks and treats walking in the city”. But you don’t have to wait until October 31st – really, you can go urban trekking any time! Set out with an itinerary, compass (!) and water…


From www.terresiena.it : “Urban trekking is a sport for everybody. An itinerary on foot through an art city whose streets are on various levels does not require any special previous training. It’s perfect for toning up the body and mind of those who are obliged to live in enclosed spaces and who feel the need to liberate their energies. It’s also ideal for kids: urban trekking is a new and fun way to get to know the extraordinary historical-artistic beauty of a town where you can still walk around breathing clean air.”

There are four thematic urban trekking itineraries (in italian, with maps) available here.

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