Vitalità is a newly founded Cultural Association in Tuscany. Their mission, inspired by the deep-rooted intrinsic connection between art and nature, is to promote art that emphasizes human awareness, experiences and the connection with nature, elements that are not so frequently present in contemporary art. Through exhibits and events, they celebrate three things I love – art, nature, and my new love… wine!

The art gallery at Borgo Pignano with works by some of the artists involved in this new cultural association
The art gallery at Borgo Pignano with works by some of the artists involved in this new cultural association

Artist and Vitalità founder Olga Niescier explains “The Vitalità association focuses on encouraging arts’ path into nature by exploring the mystery of existence through semiotic and formal studies and interpretations of diverse life forms.  The association is formed of artists and art promoters who have a shared interest in the biological, emotional and spiritual connections between plant, animal and human.”

I met Niescier on a visit to Borgo Pignano last year, where the Polish-born artist spoke about her transition from working in textile innovation for the high fashion industry to full-time artist. The moment of change was an invitation to participate in a group exhibition near Cortona (Arezzo). When hosting artist Andrea Roggi saw Niescier’s abstract paintings that draw inspiration from diverse sources like Japanese screens, textiles and Siennese art, he immediately saw a relationship between her work and his figural sculptures; and he hung her paintings in relation to his own works. This grew into a friendship and partnership that has generated numerous exhibits together ever since.

Niescier in her studio
Niescier in her studio

Vitalità was formed in the heart of Tuscany where the unique landscapes nurture creativity in many forms. It’s based in Niescier’s gallery in San Gimignano, location of some of the upcoming events, which also spread its countryside gallery located at the historic estate of Borgo Pignano near Volterra, as well as other picturesque locations of Tuscany.

The group is also interested in supporting and communicating the excellence of organic wine and food from the Tuscan region. The Association’s project Contemporary Wine promotes initiatives and production methods that protect and enhance the natural eco-balance of Tuscany’s unique landscape. Vitalità’s Contemporary Wine events – of which the first was at the Borgo Pignano gallery opening last year – combine gastronomy, oenology, art and culture, providing a harmonious environment where contemporary winemakers, local food producers and creative artists come together in some of Tuscany’s most beautiful locations.

Activities include organizing exhibitions and events, curating publications and communications and the ongoing development of artistic and cultural networking. A schedule of actitivies for 2017 has been released, as follows.

2017 Schedule of exhibitions

Art’s Path into Nature

San Gimignano – Vitalità Art Gallery, April to October 2017

With painting by Olga Niescier, photography by Tadeusz Niescier and sculpture by Andrea Roggi, a journey towards various forms of art from photography to painting, bronze sculptures through to avant garde installations. Located in picturesque Piazza Sant’Agostino set within the historic centre of San Gimignano, the artistic focus is on developing theme of man’s intellectual and ancestral connections with nature.

Don’t miss the opening party on April 30 with tasting of white organic wines from the Val d’Elsa region, and live music.


The Garden of the Arts

Borgo Pignano and other locations, April to October 2017

The Art Gallery at Borgo Pignano expands its exposition into the surrounding gardens, presenting a collection of bronze sculptures by renowned Tuscan sculptor Andrea Roggi. The Artist’s passion and strenuous technical research turn bronze into a material capable of evoking within us an impression of lightness and airiness, resulting in artworks that are both extremely dynamic and open, with figures captured in dreamy visions and flying dances. The poetic statues shown as part of the Garden of Arts project represent two essential motifs of Roggi’s work: the tree of life and the flight of knowledge.


The Transcendent Tree

Borgo Pignano Art Gallery, April 15 to July 6, 2017

The Transcendent Tree exhibition is an encounter of three artists, each of them working with different techniques: drawing, photography and painting. Their art depicts the beauty and energy of trees, as well as their poetic symbolism of power, wisdom and origins of life. The exhibition is a dialogue of artistic visions, impressions and interpretations of the tree figure; located in the natural context of a Tuscan landscape, it pays homage to our silent magnificent companions.

An event on June 4th will be the opportunity to explore the exhibit and the property at Borgo Pignano with live music and contemporary ethnic dance performances, French wines and a buffet.


The Vital Tree

Certaldo Alto, Palazzo Pretorio and other locations, May 2017

The Vital Tree, exposition further expands on the theme of the Tree, establishing a direct dialogue with The Transcendent Tree: a collective of three artists, whose work is expressed through different techniques: sculpture, photography and painting. The exhibition celebrates the vitality of the plant kingdom represented by the symbolic tree, with its roots connected to the stability and the richness of the soil yet with its branches reaching upwards, towards the sky, communicating an ethereal sense of joy and freedom. Within the historic church and castle of Certaldo Alto you will experience a thought-provoking exhibition inspired by the natural figure of the tree. Sculptor, Andrea Roggi presents his redolent and romantic bronze sculptures which evoke diverse interpretations. Painter Olga Niescier communicates the Zen philosophy within her artistic representations of natural subjects expressed within layers of tridimentional paint. Photographer Nacci’s depictions of trees display an enchanting dreamlike quality.

An afternoon event on May 19th will present organic wines based on the Sangiovese grape from the Val D’Elsa region, with live classical music and contemporary ethnic dance performances.


Ballet by Axe Ballet, teatro verdi, Montecatini Terme 2016, costumes by Olga Niescier based on photography by Tadeusz Niescier. Photo by Andrea Gianfortuna.
Ballet by Axe Ballet, teatro verdi, Montecatini Terme 2016, costumes by Olga Niescier based on photography by Tadeusz Niescier. Photo by Andrea Gianfortuna.


Casole d’Elsa, Palazzo Comunale, Piazza Luchetti, June 2017 

Tadeusz Niescier is a renowned Polish painter and photographer. He lives and creates in the northeast landscapes of Podlasie. His lifelong artistic study is based on the close observation of the simplest elements of plants and flowers bringing the examination of detail to almost abstract expression. Recently, his passion turned towards photography resulting in surprising portraits of the tiniest elements of plants in large scale, giving them new meaning, visual metaphors of cosmic infinities as well as human emotions. Extracted from their natural state, often arid from the passage of time, these fragments of nature reveal incredible richness of textures and details. In their faded abstract beauty, abundant and delicate, they capture frozen movements of life, suspended in space, weightless.

The event connected to this exhibit will take place on June 25, with contemporary ballet and video projections performances and organic Supertuscan wines.

The elegant hilltop farmstead of La Poggiolaia outside of Certaldo is the location of another event on July 16 with rosé organic wines from Val d’Elsa region and of course live music and art installations


Terra Vivente

Borgo Pignano, July 26 to October 31, 2017 

With ceramics by Tery Davies, Photography by Kacper Kowalski and painting by Carlo Romiti. Terra Vivente, the living earth, is an art journey exploring the richness of soil as both, inspiration and a material of creation. The exhibition presents an encounter of artists that interpret and relate to the earth in various ways. On one hand we will see ceramic and painting artworks created directly with the use of terra as a medium, creating a sensory immediate experience. Another approach will be that of observation through the languages of photography and painting, portraying the abstract beauty of earths, contemplated both in detail and from faraway distance.

October 1st will be the day to come and experience this exhibit most fully during another art and wine event featuring live ceramics making performance and more.


Details of the Vitalità Cultural Association’s events and exhibitions can be found at:

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