This post is a throwback to the old version of arttrav to explain how the “Rome pages” are organized. Arttrav started with a month-long stay in Rome, during which I could not find a guidebook that was arranged chronologically. So often when we speak of Rome, we give it an epithet based on the period we’re talking about – hence we speak of “Ancient Rome” and “Renaissance Rome”. I did not want to explore Rome by neighbourhood, but by time period. I created lists and gathered information on things to visit from each major art historical period. And here they are. I thought it would be useful to provide links to each section within a single post:

Ancient Rome
Medieval Rome
Renaissance Rome
Baroque Rome

NB: although these posts are back-dated to their original date of writing (October 2004), I’ve updated them and checked opening hours and links (August 2008).

Tip! To best prepare for a trip to Rome, we suggest combining a texbook on Rome by Andrea Augenti (that is conveniently arranged in chronological order) with the tourist information available in the Blue Guide to Rome. You may also want to read up on artists or buildings that interest you most. Reading suggestions are provided throughout and also in the general reading list.

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