Andrea Commodi, self portrait.

Present-day Michelangelo fans will appreciate this unusual opportunity to get to know one of Michelangelo’s past admirers: artist Andrea Commodi (1560 – 1638). The museum of Casa Buonarroti in Florence is hosting an exhibit this summer (until August 31 2012) that puts works by Commodi from the Uffizi’s drawing collection (Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe) alongside the original Michelangelo drawings from which he copied, located in the Casa Buonarroti collection.

The exhibit intends to go beyond a simple revelation of an admiration at a distance of Michelangelo by the much lesser known Commodi; curators hope to re-evaluate the critical evaluation of Commodi, who was a student of Alessandro Allori and Santi di Tito, and who had a strong graphic sense and a knack for experimentation that is particularly evident in his life-drawings.

On display are about 40 works by Commodi, who lived in Rome from 1592 to 1622, interrupted by about 3 years in Cortona, where he painted the altarpiece for that Tuscan town’s Duomo. Upon his return to his native Florence, he frequented the circle of Michelangelo il Giovane and was frequently a guest at the home that is now a museum. He donated his self portrait, pictured here, to Michelangelo il Giovane/x

Exhibit Information

“Andrea Commodi. Dall’attrazione per Michelangelo all’ansia del nuovo”
Casa Buonarroti, via Ghibellina 70, Firenze
May 17 – August 31 2012
Adult entry: € 6,50

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