An exhibit that is short but promises to be sweet; an opportunity to see some of the coolest houses in Fiesole (in the Florentine hills). From September 14 to 27, 2012, Fiesole Futura, the EUI and the Comune of Fiesole have put on this photography exhibit of architecture in Fiesole from the 1950s and 60s. Images are completed with archival documents. There is a catalogue available at the exhibit, and guided tours are planned.

Villa all’ Olmo by Riccardo Gizdulich (1965-66)

In this crucial decade, Giovanni Michelucci, Raffaello Fagnoni, Edoardo Detti, Leonardo Ricci, Leonardo Savioli, Rolando Pagnini all worked in the area, searching for a common language and a dialogue with the nature and views outside Florence. The result is a unique, Tuscan interpretation of rationalism mixed with organic architecture.

The homes in the exhibit are as follows:

– Villa Conenna, Rolando Pagnini (1952)

– Villa Bucalossi, Franco Bonaiuti (1962)

– Villa Taddei, Leonardo Savioli (1964-65)

– Auditorium della scuola di Musica, Edoardo Detti (1965)

– Chiesa di San Giuseppe Artigiano, Raffaello Fagnoni (1965-66)

– Villa all’Olmo, Riccardo Gizdulich (1965-66)

– Casa Waddell, Theodore Waddle (1966)

– Cooperativa Mino da Fiesole, Giovanni Michelucci (1966)

Villa Taddei by Leonardo Savioli (1964-65)

The guided tours of the exhibit will then visit the following structures, though the dates and times are to be determined – call for more information.

– Villa Conenna, Fiesole

– Casa Pagnini, Fiesole

– Villa Bucalossi, Fiesole

– Cooperativa Mino da Fiesole, Borgunto

– Villa Waddell

– Chiesa S. Giuseppe Artigiano, Settignano

Two pages from the book by Fabio Capanni on ‘Architcture on the hill’:

All photos courtesy of Bacci Press, used by permission

Exhibit information

L’architettura moderna nell’area collinare fiesolana
September 14 – 27, 2012
Università Europea, Chiostro della Badia Fiesolana
via dei Roccettini 9
San Domenico – Fiesole (Firenze)
M-F 9.00 to 18.00,
Closed on the weekend
Tel. +39 055 4685399

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