Kathy from Dream of Italy is the regular host of #Italychat on twitter, which is returning after a short break. On Wednesday March 28 at 3pm ET (9pm here in Italy) I’ll be the honourable guest start of this event.

The topic of this issue of #Italychat is… Florence. You can ask questions – or shoot sly commentary – about any aspect of Florence, from travel advice to expat life. And I’ll try to answer your questions. Let me remind you that I’m rather expert in practical things like transportation or real life, and impractical things like art, but as a long term resident of the city, I have never slept in a hotel in Florence, nor do I eat out very often, so specific questions about hotels and restaurants are best avoided.

Here’s how the chat will work. Follow @dreamofitaly and @arttrav on twitter. Do a search for #italychat (and save that stream if you can) so you can follow the conversation. Tweet your question with the hashtag #Italychat. @Dreamofitaly will be sorting the questions and assigning them an orderly number format (such as Q1, Q2…). I’ll answer the questions with the form A1, A2 etc. Anyone else following the discussion can also contribute answers (in fact, I hope they do – I probably won’t be able to give the best answers to everyone!).

That’s all! see you on twitter!

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