If you’re a seasoned tennis player moving to Florence or a visitor looking for a match, you might want to know where to play tennis in Florence, Italy. I’ve recently taken up the sport again and over the past few years have tried a number of courts. There are fancy private clubs but also quite accessible “circoli sportivi”, essentially public courts for which membership is not required. Most around here are red clay, which is great on the joints and a bit slower than the asphalt I grew up with. Here is a list of what I could find or have tried in person, with contact information when possible. If you’ve got further suggestions, please list them in the comments.

Tennis in Florence
Tennis in Florence (yeah, I wear Asics for this, too!)

Florence Private tennis clubs

I’m listing those tennis clubs that have a high annual membership fee separately from the others.

Le Cascine park: Circolo Tennis Firenze

Florence’s oldest tennis club by far (1898) and one of the most prestigious in Italy, plenty of Davis cups have been played here, and Jennifer Capriati and Roger Federer participated in the Florence Cup games here. Clothing white only. 10 clay / 2 synthetic + swimming pool, soccer, restaurant and more. www.ctfirenze.it

Bagno a Ripoli: Match Ball Country Club


Prestigious tennis club south of the city, membership tends to run through generations. Avoid the court along the Arno or bathe in mosquito repellant before play. 10 clay / 3 synthetic grass / 3 plexisurface + swimming pool, restaurant, gym. matchballfirenze.it

Florence south side

AS Affrico

US Affrico tennis Florence
US Affrico tennis Florence

Near the stadium, 4 clay courts available to the public, or to annual members for a discounted rate. This is where I normally play as it is close to my house. Tennis membership is €85 euro, courts €10-15 for singles play. No website, phone 055 616258

AS Florentia

Accessible on a tiny side street off via Faentina, this lovely public tennis association has 6 clay courts as well as beach volleyball and calcetto with a view of the green hills of Fiesole. www.florentia.fi.it

Luci al Piazzale

This bar/restaurant and lounge right near Piazzale Michelangelo has 2 clay courts (with lighting). €15/hour. lucialpiazzale.it



On the road up to Piazzale Michelangelo is this club founded in 1922. 5 clay, 1 synthetic grass + calcetto, large running track and modern gym. www.assigigliorosso.it

Florence north side


The initials stand for Dopolavoro Ferroviario, an association for train workers initially, though now open to anyone. They have 8 tennis courts, 3 of which are covered, as well as basketball, volleyball, soccer and other sports. www.dlf-firenze.it

AS Poggetto


Established in 1949, 7 courts available to the public or to members (€100) for a slightly lower hourly fee. www.aspoggetto.it

Outside Florence

Impruneta: Sporting Club Ugolino

Ugolino sporting club!
Ugolino sporting club!

4 gorgeous clay courts, club house and large swimming pool in the countryside next to the important golf club of the same name. Access to courts is available to the public with a UISP card (€11, insurance) and courts cost €10, while pool access is €20 for adults on the weekend (membership programs also available). www.sportingclubugolino.it

ASD Fiesole

Up in the hills of Fiesole, they have 3 clay courts and 2 asphalt ones. It’s only open until 7pm, however. www.fiesoletennis.it


Driving away from Florence on the south east side, taking via Aretina, Anchetta is located just a few minutes beyond the city, with 4 very well maintained clay courts in a pleasant green area. The only problem is the price, well higher than anyone else. www.centrosportivoanchetta.com

Pontassieve: AS Curiel

Pontassieve (that’s me in the pink and white)

Where I take lessons, I’m tempted to leave out this well-kept secret. Run by charismatic coach Alessandro, this little local club has only 2 courts, one of which is covered and used for lessons most of the time. Prices are lower than in Florence. www.polisportivacuriel.it


3 courts (2 clay, one synthetic) available for public or member play (€12/16 for singles play) www.tennisrufina.it

Tennis stores

For your tennis equipment needs in Florence there’s:

Tennis Corner

Two stores, one in Piazza Alberti and another in the Romito area (Via Adolfo Antognoli), with friendly service and good discounts on last season items. Best for restringing in the city.

Universo Sport

This chain of stores carries tennis shoes and some rackets at the I Gigli location.

Nencini Sport

In its Calenzano location, a wide selection of tennis gear.

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