I was in piazza Strozzi in Florence last night and saw this new public sculpture (at least, I guess that’s what it is intended to be) with no sign. Apparently, we are to guess… “what the heck is this?” !!! Post your answers below. Creative, vaguely rude, or even factual answers welcome. Please address artist, title, medium, and function :-) if known!!



There is no prize, only entertainment. By the end of the week I’ll try to find out the real answer for ya.

Give me a name and a purpose, please
Give me a name and a purpose, please

daytime photo of the UAO


And the answer is:

It is a volcanic rock fused into bronze sculpture called “The fall of the Meteorites in the vital hours preceding their vision” by artist Bizhan Bassiri (born Teheran 1954). It is part of the comemorative year of Galileo 2009, in that it reminds us of the great scientists’s discoveries. The sculpture arrived in piazza Strozzi May 21 2009 was due to be removed Aug 30 but is still there. It’s a part of an installation series that is also currently going in in Ghent and Rome.

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