A Poem:

The city of Venice is slowly sinking; ground floors of buildings become useless.

The ocean waters are rising one annual inch.

Flooding is frequent, daily in winter.

Sidewalks float away.

The mayor says: “buy tall rain boots”.

MOSE high water project progress
MOSE high water project progress

The population of the historic center of venice is 60,000 souls, one third of what it was only 50 years ago.
There are fewer schools, doctors, real stores; more luxury hotels and vendors of carnival masks.
On any given day 100,000 tourists come in and out of the city. 15 million tourists per year.
Gigantic cruise ships shimmy up to Saint Mark’s square. They displace water.
Water in canals polluted by sewage and motor boat traffic.
Garbage is collected in hand carts; efforts exacerbated by tourists’ consumption of packaged products;
Consumption, of the city itself.


If you’re going to Venice, you’re going to need a very detailed map in order to get “off the beaten track”, and you’re going to want that map to be waterproof, like this one:

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