The first mid-August fair in Lastra a Signa was held literally in mid august (the 15th, Ferragosto, 16th and 17th) in 1781. It was an agricultural festivity to celebrate the highest point of the summer‘s bounty. Surplus products were sold and a good time was had by all. Lastra was a blossiming city due to its agricultural production as well as to the sale of straw hats, believe it or not, which were sold all the way to Livorno. So there!


The 2009 edition will be held August 28-29-30, since no locals are around for Ferragosto itself. The entire programme is available in PDF form; here are some of the highlights.

For more about Lastra a Signa, read here from the offficial site of tourism in Tuscany.

Friday August 28: from 9pm to midnight, the whole city will be taken over by a historical reenactment game that is free to all. (see article and press release)

Saturday August 29 from 6pm: food and local product market, a photography show at the ospedale S. Antonio and a show on historic gardens at city hall; street music from 9pm.

Sunday August 30. All day local products market and display of farm animals!!! All day antique market. 9am historic motorcars on display. 9am hiking in nearby hills led by guide. Music in the streets all day. at 16:30, my personal favourite, a “cocomerata” – overdoing it with watermelon (freely distributed by the comune). And at 23:15 for you wild kids, TOMBOLAAAAAA!!! (that’s italian bingo!)

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