tommaso’s in there “for scale” to show the romanesque church tower in sticciano

The August holidays have finally arrived and arttrav will be “closed for the holidays”. With all of Italy and Europe at my fingertips, where do I choose for my holiday? It’s easy: Tuscany. After last year’s beach-going in Elba, this year is dedicated to the Maremma area, to the little hamlet of Sticciano to be specific.

As many of you know, I write a blog about the Arts in Tuscany and lately I’ve written a lot about Maremma. I’ve been going on weekend trips in that area with my husband for about ten years now, and we really love it there… so recently we bought a little apartment in a little town called Sticciano.

I’ll write more about Sticciano soon, but suffice to say that the population of about 60 people swells to about 250 in the summer, but the town remains quiet and pleasant. It’s half an hour from the coast, so an easy drive to the beach at Castiglione della Pescaia, but also turns out to be rather centrally located to visit all the great things that the region has to offer. So we are really excited to spend 2 weeks in our new “home”.

If you’re a little jealous and want to spend some time in this part of Maremma, my friend Gloria rents a charming holiday home nearby, Casina di Rosa.

This is Sticciano in the Spring:

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