I’ve written about the Maker movement before, and talked about how there is a new breed of artisans that use technologies like 3D printing, laser cutting and Arduino chips to make smart, unique designer objects. Many of these items are “self-produced” or independent design, meaning that the designer is also producer and marketer.

You can find some really cool items from Italian Makers on MakeTank, a start-up that belongs to some very close friends of mine. If you’re looking for original holiday gift ideas this year, think Italian! I have picked out my favourite items on MakeTank for the funky ladies in your life. Shop now – shipping takes time!

Lava stone cube necklace

If you’ve ever been to Sicily, you’ve seen souvenirs made of Lava Stone. Maybe you didn’t buy anything because it’s rather heavy. Magda Masano is a young architect who works lava stone with a digitally controlled water cutter and then glazes the stone like ceramics. She makes contemporary shapes like these cube necklaces on long chains, heavy yet surprisingly comfortable to wear.

Freakish clock

I kinda love this clock, called Freakish and available in tons of different colours. Rather than the hand, the whole face moves. It’s hand-made in Italy. Everyone needs a clock in the kitchen!

Vespa spaghetti!

For the cook who never knows how much pasta to make, the correct dose for 2 peoples’ spaghetti meals can be measured with the Vespa spaghetti portioner in lasercut acrylic!

Cardboard Firenze

A cardboard model of Florence that is 1 meter long? That’s an awesome bookcase or desk decoration! At 14,90€ it comes to about 25 euros with shipping to the USA.


If you like Italy and are a playful type, get the Tombola ring in sterling silver, that holds an antique tombola piece (an Italian game played in groups over the holidays.) It’s unique, just one piece, and ready to ship.

Chainmail 3dprinted necklace

This is a photo of me wearing the world’s lightest necklace! This 3d printed chainmail was designed and printed by my friend Troy. It’s intricate and delicate, and it weighs only 6 grams. I often find jewelry uncomfortable but i don’t even notice that i am wearing this piece. It’s also a rather good price.

Little Prince

If you’re a dreamer, you’ll have loved the Little Prince – so I suggest you get the Little Prince short necklace in lasercut acrylic – at an excellent price.

Moose ring!

3D printed Moose ring: The Canadian in me thinks this is hilarious. It’s available in different colours, but since it’s custom made, it has a long production time (20 days).

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