I was recently contacted by artist Patricia Abramovich who will be participating in the Florence Biennale ‘09 at the Fortezza da Basso December 5-13. French by birth, she now resides in Israel. She has generously conceded an interview for arttrav.



Please tell us a little about yourself:

I am a self-taught artist who works in oil on canvas. My abstract and landscape paintings are primarily done with palette knives. In June 2008 I received an invitation to the Biennale that will take place in Florence in December 2009.

How have you prepared for the Biennale?

Preparing for the Biennale has been very exciting. I talked with artists who participated in 2007 and they all had good memories of the event. First I had to choose the artworks to be exhibitied. I chose “Orange Field” as the catalogue image [see above], and two others that I painted in 2009 that I feel work well coloristically with “Orange Field”.


Have you been to Florence before?

I know the fantastic city of  Florence where i have been twice before with my children (a son and daughter) when they were younger. This time we are all coming: my husband ,children and I. The biennale opening is on the 5th of December which is our 35th wedding anniversary, so it will be a double party for us! Six weeks ago, once I was sure that all four of us were coming, I ordered my plane tickets and booked hotel rooms.

How has the Biennale impacted your career?

This period has been full of events! After i was invited to the Biennale I have been invited to three other important exhibits in France, Canada and Florida. I think the Biennale will positively impact my career.


I am happy to be able to show my works in Italy and hope that art-lovers from all of Italy will come and get to know my works through this exhibition. I have recently signed a representation contract with Artrom Gallery in Rome so the Biennale will be an important form of visibility for me in Italy.

I extend a warm invitation to everyone to stop by and see me and my works (I’ll be there until December 9).

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