Here’s an exhibit I’d like to see in Rome! Il Cibo Immaginario. 1950- 1970 Pubblicità e immagini dell’Italia a tavola (Imagined food, 1950-1970 – advertising and images of Italy at table) is on at Palazzo delle Esposizioni until Jan 6, 2014. A show that, through 300 images, sums up communication about food in the boom years of Italy. Taking a look at the ads available online, the show is a chance to observe the visual methods used by advertisers, think about how women were represented and if this has changed much, and ask ourselves through what emotive bonds products were marketed to Italians in this period.

One of the greatest taglines in Italian advertising – 1953 / Cynar

The exhibition is set up through 12 large themes. We start with Italy’s changing domestic landscape and the associated shapes, objects and colours associated with the baby boomers. Italy of free time, that of connoisseurs, Italy that dreams of winning big, or of saving money… Italy that seduces, and Italy that has a big family. And at the end, 28 photographs of this dream represented at the ideal Italian table.

Buitoni makes you smart – 1950
1949 – Ghiacciomenta to quench your thirst
Creme Caramel for the whole family, 1952

Volpato Pasta in 1955 was very sexy
Everything is better with Coke, 1966
Bar Grande Italia, 1950 – the family table

Visitor Information

Palazzo delle Esposizioni
Il Cibo Immaginario
Dec 3, 2013 – Jan 6, 2014
Official website

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