Laura is back with her “…for kids” series with a special on what to do with kids in Lucca in November 2012.

Lucca is a quiet town with nothing to do at night but it becomes particularly busy and amusing every year at the beginning of November (just after Halloween) when Lucca Comics & Games is held! Children won’t believe their eyes when walking around the city, as they will meet their favourite cartoon characters in flesh and blood! This is because of the CosPlay contest: people are so proud to be noticed and happy to take a picture with you (in the photo, see Francesco surrounded by Pirates of Caribbean last year).

Francesco with the Pirates of the Caribbean. He doesn’t really look thrilled…

My husband, Fabio, comes from Lucca and his parents (Francesco’s grandparents) still live there, so we often spend weekends and holidays in the lovely city that is 70 km away from Florence. That’s why we know what to do with children and where to shop in Lucca, surrounded by its  perfectly preserved city walls. And we always look forward to this moment in which the small town transforms into a walking comic book.

Lucca Comics 2012 activities for children

A friendly superheroine (and Francesco)

In the 2012 edition, within Lucca Comics and Games, there is a rich agenda for Juniors hosted in the Cortile degli Svizzeri  (tickets cost 6,00€ for children 6-10 years old and the same price for accompanying adult). I studied the activities for 4-5 year-olds since I will be bringing Francesco, though there are things appropriate for bigger kids too, see the official website.

All the workshops and the official site are only in Italian, so these workshops will be great for parents and kids living in Italy but unfortunately are not for tourists with no Italian language skills.

Meeting Area

Childrens’ workshops at Lucca Comics – photo from the official website

Thursday 1 November at 11.30 Good morning postman, have you got my baby? (Buongiorno postino, ha lei il mio bambino?) a workshop by Scioglilibro based on the Babalibri novel (from 4 years), at 12.30 Each baloon its face (A ogni baloon la sua faccia!) a collage and drawings workshop to discover cartoons with Sualzo by Tunué (from 5 years) and at 15.30 “Of mice and lions, bears and chickens (Di topi e leoni, di orsi e di galline) workshop with illustrator Brunella Baldi by Lapis Edition (from 5 years)

Sunday 4 November at 12.00 Junior Mountain: let’s meet the marmot (Montagna Junior: incontriamo la marmotta) cartoons made for the “Safe Mountain” project by Club Alpino Italiano  and drawing workshop with children (from 5 years) by Bruno Barsuglia (CAI Regionale Toscano), Antonio (Gnago) Tregnaghi and Roberto Favilla (Mediaclik).

Workshop Area coordinated by Adriana Lucchesini (Manidoro Associazione Culturale)

Every day from Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th November from 9.00 to 19.00 workshop X Toy (the X ray puppet) from 3 years and at 16.00 the special workshop “Let’s create with PlayMais by Eurekakids (from 4 years)

Every day (excluded Saturday 3) at 11.30 the special workshop Tiramolla in the future..! a cartoon workshop with Laca (from 5 years).  On Friday 2 and Saturday 3 November at 15.00 the special workshop Animated aliens by ANIMAta…mente (from 4 years).

For slightly bigger kids (age 6 and up) there’s a workshop called “il mio crop circle” (my crop circle) which looks like fun!

Cosplay around town

Theatre Area coordinated by Cristiana Traversa with Debora Ulivieri

Every day at 18.00 Bomba libera tutti! by ANIMAta…mente (for all ages)

Thursday 1 at 12.00 “An adventure extra-ordinary”and at 15.00 “Welcome sun” by Associazione Il Gabbiano (from 5 years). Friday 2 at 10.00 and Sunday 4 November at 15.00 “Wolves of all times” (Lupi di tutti i tempi) from 3 years. Friday 2 at 16.00 and Saturday 3 November at 14.00 The macabre ballad (La ballata del gran macabro) show-laboratory by  La Cattiva Compagnia (from 5 years)

Saturday 3 at 10.00 and Sunday 4 at 12.00 the story corner: the discovery of Jill Tomlinson “The cat who wanted to go home” (from 5 years). Thursday 1 and Sunday 4 November at 10.00 “Ethic novels for a better future” (from 5 years) and at 14.00 a surprise show (for all)

Cosplay around town

Games area

Friday 2 November at 16.30 “Let’s play the difference: Ciao Maramao” game-laboratory by Pina Diamanti (from 5 years) and Saturday 3 November at 16.30 “Web of author: the first to observe is… observation” from Creativamente (5 years)

Eating and shopping in Lucca (with kids)

While you’re there…

Gli Orti di Elisa (via Elisa 17), not only one the best restaurants in town but, as owners Samuele and Silvia are a young couple, father and mother of three children, this eatery is part of the “Lucca Family Friendly” network and offers high chairs, a special bib, plastic cutlery, colours and papers, games and a menu tailored on childrens’ appetite.

Don’t miss Benetton Outlet (via Mordini 17) with T-shirts, sweaters, jackets, trousers, shoes and accessories of the previous season at 30-70% of discount and InOutlet (via Anfiteatro 105) where you can find the same discounts on Kickers, Hogan, Naturino, Camper, Melania and all the best childrens’ shoe brands.

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