Have you ever seen a “son et lumières” light projection on a French Cathedral? A long tradition, it’s one of the things that helped me grow to love art history as a child. This summer, the Duomo of Siena will be lit up with a multimedia video mapping that emphasizes history, emotion, myth and beauty.

Siena Duomo
Siena Duomo

Divina Bellezza – Discovering Siena is a visual experience divided into 5 parts that will retrace the history of the Cathedral and that of the whole city, its places, its people, and past. The artistic show wishes to convey values, messages and historical reconstructions in a way that the monument on its own has difficulty doing. This visual poetry fits into a global trend of digital storytelling in order to help visitors understand places – see Florence’s Magnificent, available this summer at Palazzo Vecchio, for example.

Other than telling history, Divina Bellezza is also simply good quality entertainment – the creative director is Alfredo Accatino is behind the launch of the new Fiat 500, the Turin Olympics opening ceremonies and material for Expo 2015 in Milan.


Visitor Information

La Divina Bellezza – Discovering Siena
July 24 to September 2015
2 shows per night, 9:15
Piazza Jacopo della Quercia, Siena


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